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Press Release

  • G20 Health Ministers - AMR: The Animal Health sector welcomes continued support for the “One Health Approach”
    Brussels, 22 May 2017 -

    IFAH-Europe is pleased to see the momentum to address the threat of increasing antibiotic resistance development sustained at an international level and is encouraged by the continued support for the “One health approach”

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  • Smooth EMA transition essential for continued animal health solutions
    Brussels, 02 May 2017 -

    Continuity in terms of expertise and a smooth transition with as few delays as possible on approvals for veterinary medicines authorisations are our main ask when it comes to the relocation of the European Medicines Agency. Ensuring the health and welfare of Europe’s animals must be assured throughout the adaptation period.

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  • Animal health sector: its vital role important in Brexit negotiations
    Brussels, 29 March 2017 -

    It is vital that negotiations over the UK exit from the EU allow for the animal health industry to continue delivering solutions for preventing and curing animal disease in a streamlined and harmonised way across the continent.

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  • AFCC statement on Brexit and the Agri-Food chain
    Brussels, 29 March 2017 -

    The Agri-Food Chain Coalition believes that the future of EU agriculture and of the EU food and drink industry depends on innovation, on higher efficiency and productivity, and on maintaining successful trading relationships with other countries worldwide.

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  • Surveys show need for more and better information on AMR
    Brussels, 07 March 2017 -

    There is a clear need for wide-reaching factual information programmes on AMR according to several recent surveys on consumer perceptions and awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This points to the growing need for greater understanding and demonstrates that science-based information should be one of the main points of action for the upcoming EU Action Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance, says IFAH-Europe.

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