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Press Release

  • UN High Level Meeting on AMR: IFAH-Europe Confident Europe’s Efforts Going in Right Direction
    Brussels, 22 September 2016 -

    IFAH-Europe very much welcomes the High Level conclusions on AMR adopted at the UN General Assembly on 21st September and is confident that the key actions in place in Europe’s health policies will support the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

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  • First-ever survey amongst EU citizens reveals need for awareness-raising on the benefits of veterinary medicines
    Brussels, 12 September 2016 -

    A new survey commissioned by IFAH-Europe, the International Federation for Animal Health Europe, across 6 European countries canvasses the perceptions and attitudes of EU citizens towards the use of veterinary medicines for the treatment and prevention of diseases in pets and farm animals. The results show that EU citizens are concerned about the use of veterinary medicines and their impact on human health. Their level of knowledge on the topic, however, is in general limited. Findings indicate that it is important to increase awareness about the benefits of veterinary medicines, their responsible use as well as how safe they are.

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  • Wijnand de Bruijn of Dopharma takes over as IFAH-Europe President
    Brussels, 01 July 2016 -

    Following the retirement of current president, Christian Behm, the International Federation for Animal Health-Europe (IFAH-Europe) Council has appointed current vice-president Wijnand de Bruijn of Dopharma as its new president. Mr. de Bruijn will oversee the federation representing the animal health industry in Europe for the next year, to complete the two-year term.

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  • Europe report: Benchmarking the Competitiveness of the Global Animal Health Industry
    Brussels, 28 June 2016 -

    Urgent need for forward-looking EU regulation to boost innovation for animal health and welfare. 

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  • EU must deliver future-proof rules on animal medicine
    Brussels, 16 June 2016 -

    IFAH-Europe calls on EU regulators to ensure that forthcoming legislation on veterinary medicine is fit for purpose and stands test of time. 

    The European animal health industry today called on the European Union to ensure that the forthcoming legislation on animal medicines and medicated feed will foster innovation and increase the availability of veterinary medicines to protect the health and welfare of all animals across Europe.

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