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  • Infographic: Veterinary medicines vs human medicines
    30 March 2015 -

    This infographic outlines some of the differences between the veterinary medicine and the human medicine sectors, including who the products are made for and how they are used.

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  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Responsible Use of medicines in animals
    10 March 2015 -

     This fact sheet outlines how antibiotics should be used “As little as possible, as much as necessary” to maintain their efficacy. Responsible Use supports animal health and welfare, contributes to the production of quality food from healthy animals as well as public health, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.  

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Preventive antibiotic use
    10 March 2015 -

    This fact sheet outlines how preventive use of antibiotics is sometimes necessary in specific circumstances to support animal health and welfare.

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: How are antibiotics given?
    10 March 2015 -

    Within the EU, antibiotics can only be administered after veterinary prescription. This fact sheet outlines the route of administration recommended by veterinarians to ensure an antibiotic is delivered effectively.

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Why do veterinarians need access to antibiotics?
    10 March 2015 -

     This fact sheet explains how animals, just like people, get sick and require medicines, including antibiotics. When a bacterial infection occurs, just like people, animals need treatment with an antibiotic. 

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