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  • IFAH-Europe Annual Report 2014
    16 February 2015 -

    The IFAH-Europe 2014 annual report is now available online:

    This year IFAH-Europe has decided to go digital with our annual report with links back to key highlights from the past year on the IFAH-Europe website.

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  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Why are antibiotics needed in animal health?
    10 March 2015 -

     Despite vaccination there will always be a need to treat sick animals. This fact sheet outlines the vital role in treating and controlling the spread of diseases in animal and people with antibiotics. 

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Why do veterinarians need access to antibiotics?
    10 March 2015 -

     This fact sheet explains how animals, just like people, get sick and require medicines, including antibiotics. When a bacterial infection occurs, just like people, animals need treatment with an antibiotic. 

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: How are antibiotics given?
    10 March 2015 -

    Within the EU, antibiotics can only be administered after veterinary prescription. This fact sheet outlines the route of administration recommended by veterinarians to ensure an antibiotic is delivered effectively.

  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Preventive antibiotic use
    10 March 2015 -

    This fact sheet outlines how preventive use of antibiotics is sometimes necessary in specific circumstances to support animal health and welfare.

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