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  • EPRUMA Best-practice framework for the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals in the EU - Reaching for the next level
    Brussels, 10 November 2015 -

    EPRUMA brochure explaining the role and benefits of antibiotics in animal health and describing best-practice for their use in food-producing animals at the farm.

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  • IFAH-Europe leaflet
    03 September 2015 -

    No matter how well they are cared for, animals can still get sick and therefore need medicines.

    This leaflet outlines the role of IFAH-Europe

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  • Infographic: Innovation in Animal Health
    01 September 2015 -

    Veterinary Science was “born” in 1761 with the opening of the first veterinary school in Lyon, France.

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  • Infographic: Veterinary medicines vs human medicines
    30 March 2015 -

    This infographic outlines some of the differences between the veterinary medicine and the human medicine sectors, including who the products are made for and how they are used.

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  • IFAH-Europe Fact Sheet: Responsible Use of medicines in animals
    10 March 2015 -

     This paper outlines how antibiotics should be used “As little as possible, as much as necessary” to maintain their efficacy. 

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