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Animals, like people, suffer from disease and require proper care from the veterinarian, the farmer and the pet owner. When disease occurs, diagnosis and treatment under veterinary care should follow. Whenever possible, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping animals healthy and treating them with dignity is one of the main objectives of the animal health industry and applies equally to companion animals, livestock and wild animals.

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Contribution to agricultural production

Although they represent only a very small proportion of agricultural input cost (on average less than 2%), animal medicines are crucial to allow European farmers to:

  • maintain and/or restore a high level of animal health and welfare for the animals under their care
  • produce high quality meat and dairy products on an efficient and sustainable basis
  • minimise the impact on the environment
  • compete internationally

Veterinarians believe that in a situation without veterinary medicines, the poultry population would have to increase by 25% and the cattle population by 89% to obtain the same production level as today.

(Source: Prof. Jacques Viaene, Ghent University)