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IFAH-Europe Sustainability Conference 2015

Brussels, 11 June 2023

IFAH-Europe held a conference looking at the animal health industry’s contribution to a sustainable future, entitled ‘Healthy animals, healthy food, a healthy future’, in Brussels on 11 June 2015.

The event brought together a wide range of European animal health and agrifood-chain stakeholders, European and national decision-makers, as well as other experts to increase a common understanding on: Europe’s role in the global food security challenge and the affordability of food, sustainable animal production and the role of animal health, as well as the role of innovation in animal production and consumer acceptance. 

The conference consisted of four sessions and closed with a panel debate.
Download the individual presentations below:
Intro: The global food security challenge: What is Europe’s role?
Session 1: Sustainability - setting the stage
Session 2: Sustainability and the contribution of animal health
Disease challenges facing the livestock industry in Europe - Bognar Lajos, Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture

Session 3: The role of innovation in animal production and consumer acceptance

Food production, food security - what do people think? - Michael Stones, Food Manufacture
Shopper attitudes to veterinary medicines in the food chain - Michael Freedman, IGD
Innovation and acceptance by the consumer - Machiel Rinders, Wageningen University
Concluding comments - Roxane Feller, IFAH-Europe Secretary General


PRESS RELEASE: Download the conference press release

PHOTO GALLERY: See the photo gallery - More photos to be added next week

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