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IFAH-Europe appoints Christian Behm as Chairman

Brussels, 17 June 2023

The International Federation for Animal Health-Europe (IFAH-Europe) Council has elected Christian Behm, Head of Region Europe for Bayer Animal HealthCare GmbH as its new Chairman. Mr Behm will oversee the federation representing the animal health industry in Europe for the next two years, promoting a greater understanding of the animal health industry and its important contributions to animal health and welfare, food safety and security, and public health.


“I am honoured to take on the role of chairman at this crucial point in time for the animal health industry in Europe,” said Christian Behm. “With the laws governing our products currently under revision I will be particularly engaged in promoting a more consistent, robust and science-based regulatory environment that is supportive of innovation and the health of both the customers we serve - animals, pet owners, farmers, veterinarians - and Europe’s people. It is vital we continue the work driven by my predecessor Alejandro Bernal and continue to focus on engaging with our stakeholders and especially with the European Institutions on making our voice heard regarding this important time for our industry. ”
“There is a tremendous need for innovation in the animal health industry. With a rapidly expanding world population, the imperative to develop new veterinary medicines is vital to assure a safe, sustainable global food supply,” continued Christian Behm. “With animals and people living in closer contact and with many people, especially in the developing world, depending on livestock for an income, the need to control and manage diseases and to protect against zoonotic pathogens that can pass between animals and humans has never been greater.”

“I am confident that Christian Behm will champion the efforts made by the animal health industry in Europe to research and develop new and innovative solutions for veterinarians, farmers and animal owners in today’s challenging environment. I look forward to working with him as we make substantial progress toward our goal of enhanced availability of innovative veterinary medicines to help safeguard both animal and public health across Europe,” said Roxane Feller, IFAH-Europe Secretary General.


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