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About IFAH-Europe

IFAH-Europe (International Federation for Animal Health Europe) is the federation representing manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in Europe. It represents both corporate members and national animal health associations in Europe. These associations comprise both local medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and international companies. IFAH-Europe's membership covers 90% of the European market for veterinary products.

IFAH-Europe's mission is to promote a predictable, harmonised, science-based and innovative market place for the provision of quality animal medicines, vaccines and other animal health products, and so contribute to a healthy and safe food supply, and to a high standard of health and welfare for animals and people.
As a responsible industry we want to ensure that our stakeholders understand the work we do and the wide range of benefits we give to society at large. To achieve this, IFAH-Europe, as the voice of the European animal health industry, encourages constructive dialogue with governments, public policy makers, legislators, regulators, non-governmental organisations, the veterinary profession, the food chain, consumers and other stakeholders.

IFAH-Europe's strategic priorities

  • Regulatory Affairs, comprising regulatory process efficiency, international harmonisation, risk/benefit analysis and medicines availability, including the availability of antimicrobials.
  • Food Chain, emphasising the positioning of our industry as a recognised credible voice that influences decision making in the food sector on animal health issues and working towards the supply of safe and wholesome food.
  • Communications, positioning IFAH-Europe as the source of reliable information for stakeholders that contributes to society within a shared set of values.


  • IFAH-Europe Council
  • Corporate members
  • National animal health associations

IFAH-Europe is listed on the EU Transparency Register.

Read IFAH-Europe's Code of Good Practice for the Animal Health Industry.

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