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Press Release

  • AFCC statement on CAP after 2020
    Brussels, 06 July 2017 -

    Fresh focus needed on sustainable food, jobs, growth, and innovation

    All European citizens rely on, and greatly benefit from, a well-functioning and competitive agri-food sector that provides safe, nutritious and high quality agricultural products, as well as sustainable, affordable food produced in the EU.

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  • Animal health sector responds to new EU strategy to tackle AMR
    Brussels, 29 June 2017 -

    The second EU One Health Action Plan aimed at tackling antimicrobial resistance was unveiled today. IFAH-Europe continues to support the European Commission’s efforts in the global fight against AMR, and the new measures announced to assist Member States, SMEs and our research community in finding new solutions and preserving the effectiveness of existing antibiotics for both animals and humans.

    The animal health industry is a strong defender of the responsible use of antibiotics, advocating their use as little as possible, as much as necessary.

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  • More animal health solutions needed for a climate-ready future
    Brussels, 06 June 2017 -

    There is an urgent need for innovation-driven policies as well as a wider acceptance and uptake of modern technologies in many areas for Europe’s agricultural sector to be able to adjust to the challenges of climate change.  

    Speaking at the 3rd European climate change adaptation conference, taking place in Glasgow (Scotland) this week, IFAH-Europe Secretary General said, “European agriculture is striving to meet with UN Sustainable Development goals for more sustainable production methods while facing the enormous challenge of adapting to increased climate variability and more extreme weather. Along with this, farmers are having to deal with the impacts of new animal disease outbreaks with milder climates seeing a wider geographical expansion of vector-borne disease and more humid environments escalating the spread of disease.”

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  • Agri-Food Chain Coalition: Responding to Commissioner’s call to promote science
    Brussels, 31 May 2017 -

    Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis called for “all the stakeholders including farmers to work together with you and play a vital role to advance the promotion and understanding of science wherever possible,” at the COCERAL/UNISTOCK Conference on ‘Innovation in the food chain: Communicating risks, sharing experiences, seizing opportunities’, held in Poland on 30 May.

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  • G20 Health Ministers - AMR: The Animal Health sector welcomes continued support for the “One Health Approach”
    Brussels, 22 May 2017 -

    IFAH-Europe is pleased to see the momentum to address the threat of increasing antibiotic resistance development sustained at an international level and is encouraged by the continued support for the “One health approach”

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